PhD Symposium

The PhD Symposium will take place on Monday 27th of May, 09:30-17:30

Special Lecture for PhD Students and Junior Researchers

How to Sell Your Research

Speaker: Georg Gottlob, University of Oxford

Research results are a mind products. First and foremost, such products need to be of very good quality. However, in our times of information overflow, even the most excellent research products need marketing and "sales" promotion in order to be adequately considered by the Scientific Community. This includes publication in a suitable venue, and an effective "sales pitch" in the introduction. Moreover, it is important to know how our publications will be evaluated, so to avoid strategic errors. Finally, research often needs further resources and thus project funding. What are the essentials to be addressed when applying for funding? 

This lecture will address all these issues. First, I will discuss evaluation criteria for researchers. Second, I will reveal a couple of secrets about how to write a convincing introduction. Finally, I will make a few considerations about project funding that may eventually turn out to be useful to you. All these topics will be partially covered only. However, I still hope that the essentials I will talk about might still be beneficial to you.

PHD Symsposium Program

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